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ETA will be attending Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Exhibition

ETA,leading manufacturer of thermal equipment in the world, will attend Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Exhibition,which will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center during 7-9 August 2013 . Brand new Reflow Oven S10 will show in the exhibition, it is specially designed and developed for smart phones, ipads, and other smart handheld device. It has a unique compartment thermal structure and a new furnace design, power consumption reduced by 40%, improved cooling system, and easy maintenance of flux condensation system.

ETA is well-known thermal equipment manufacturers including reflow oven and solar photovoltaic equipment, has been committed to providing first-class equipments, perfect solutions and tech supports for the electronics industry and the solar photovoltaic industry and serving customers around the world, is highly recognized by a number of Top-500 companies. 

About Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Exhibition: organized by Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association and the China Electronic equipment industry media Federation, is not only the first big meeting of Chinese electronics leading  manufacturers ,also the largest gathering of Chinese SMT top technologies.

Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Exhibition

Address:Shenzhen Exhibition Center

Date:7th August,2013-9th August,2013

Booth No.:3T-5